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Director: Doctor Peter Andre Levin, CELLPHONE UNITED STATES:

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Director's Degree: Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, in Government Management and Public Policy

World Peace with Thermonuclear Weapons:  This Objective can and must be achieved.

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The INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE website was started June 19, 2010 for the purpose, to propose, your country's government to consider a Treaty, an alliance of countries for overseeing the control and prevention of use of large nuclear weapons for war between countries on Earth; this could possibly prevent the extinction of mankind from release of large amount(s) of nuclear weapon gamma radiation into our atmosphere encircling the Earth.

It is proposed, when cooperating countries will agree and register with the organization, INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE, with an annual membership fee for each joining country. It is proposed a contract with the "INWA" be signed which will become a Treaty, states: (condensed to): (1) all nuclear weapons of a size greater than 1-megaton is agreed to be used solely in a Planetary Defense System against an attack on mankind on Earth, (2) a 1-megaton nuclear bomb not permitted for war on Earth and classified if used as an act of "Rage," one country against another, with severe penalties enforced by Treaty and Hearing for having been used, and (3) the maximum size nuclear weapon permitted for war one country against another under the Treaty is 200 kiloton, (equal to 16-Hiroshima bombs), greater in size unacceptable "civilian population extinction," and/or "unacceptable nuclear gamma radiation release into the atmosphere, for one nuclear weapon."

It is proposed, each country will be responsible to provide emissaries to provide their country's position in international matters.

It is proposed, in exchange for becoming a member by the signing of this contract, countries will be joining with equal rights with other countries working toward the solution of your country's problems as world problems with the other countries which are members as an equal partner in voice in any dispute resolution.

It is proposed, countries will each come together as a member of the INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE in a joint operation for world peace by ceasing the conventional method of solving problems between countries by use of  military force, instead by using a professional atmosphere of a cordial approach of frequent regular communications with co-members on a tiered organizational basis with countries, hopefully the result being, greatly reducing the need for nuclear weapons readiness.

It is proposed, issues will be heard in peace talks at the INWA through regular frequent meetings for serious complaints between countries, to convert the differences from one type of country's government to another to be equal, for: a claim to the right to utilize world resources of wealth, raw materials, medical attention, fair commerce, foreign assistance, and other issues, by: (1) the unbiased shared common concern of the INWA, with the governmental powers given to the INWA by its Treaty members to share in the Treaty enforcement by Hearings,  and (2) from all of the Treaty countries government members to the Treaty enforcement by Hearings, to avoid reaching or exceeding the point of the beginning of a nuclear war.

It is proposed, in Honoring the Treaty by its member countries, any Ruling from a Hearing held by the INWA, the result settlement of the differences between countries is final, except for an appeal to the finding of the court. The complaint is brought to a Hearing, before the possibility of a nuclear war; this is a strong advantage, having an unbiased common court to all countries within the INWA to settle matters, used in place of (instead of) nuclear war.