About the Director

Doctor Peter Andre Levin has a Degree of Doctor of Business Administration with majors in Public Policy and Government Management 3.81/4.0. He was awarded the degree January 5th,2011 by Ashwood University, Humble, Texas USA .  The record of this degree can be verified through Ashwood University by contacting them by mail:

Administrative Office, Ashwood University, 5721 Will Clayton Parkway #1301, Humble, Texas USA 77338, or by telephone: (country code) + 1 + 888.345-0304.

Ashwood University is accredited by 2 accrediting bureaus:

BOUA,  Board of Online Universities Accreditation, website: http://www.boua.org/inner/aboutus.htm, Ashwood University is listed as accredited by BOUA , on their website retype your email address and theirs to communicate, or, Telephone: (country code) + 1 + 866.533.1695.

WOEAC, World Online Education Accreditation Commission, website: http://www.woeac.org/, Ashwood University is listed as accredited by WOEAC, or, Telephone: (country code) + 1 + 888.599.4575.

On April 12th, 1989 Doctor Peter Andre Levin received his first college degree, an Associate Science Degree in Computer Technology 3.86/4.0 from Condie College, One West Campbell Avenue, Campbell, California 95008, Telephone: 888.866.6666. Two months after graduation, in June 1989, he was matched by the school job placement coordinator for employment by the United States Government, and then was required to become knowledgeable in tactical nuclear weapons.

Prior to receiving the Associate Science Degree in Computer Technology, (at night school), in August of 1987 Peter Andre Levin was working in engineering as a full time employee with overtime at a company named (SVG) Silicon Valley Group, located in San Jose, California USA, solely responsible for building a wafer deposition system machine for a Comdex Show to demonstrate his company's product, and he completed the machine successfully in time to ship to Comdex, (while attending night school full time). According to the employer, Peter Andre Levin was hired partly because of his previous employment and education in working with lasers, robotics, computer hardware, and he had some knowledge in writing computer software from college and personal use, and showed a knowledge at system level, and later, he demonstrated strong abilities to handle very complex tasks at work without supervision, with the company's trust that he was capable and would complete a working and tested machine in time to ship to the overseas Comdex Show, which he did.