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A 12.5 kiloton nuclear bomb was detonated over Hiroshima, and a 20 kiloton bomb was detonated over Nagasaki. For more than the next forty years, people all over the world became sick with diseases like leukemia, cancer, and birth defects, for example, no arms and no legs. These infants were mostly euthanized. This all occurred because a total of 32.5 kilotons of radiation was released into Earth's atmosphere, soil, water, plants, and animals we consume for food. As a result of these two bombs being detonated, the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere is believed to have been raised by two degrees.

Since then, some older bombs had yields up to 20 Megaton, or 1540 Hiroshima bombs.

A Megaton is the amount of energy released by 1 million short tons (907,000 metric tons) of TNT.

Today, most nuclear bombs should have a yield of less than 1-Megaton, or 77 Hiroshima bombs. The International Nuclear Weapons Alliance hold a Treaty that your country can sign, an agreement that the maximum size nuclear weapon could be made internationally legal to be used for war is 200 kiloton, equivalent to 10 Nagasaki bombs, or 16 Hiroshima bombs. Remember, the extinction of mankind is not the primary or a secondary purpose of a nuclear attack.

Currently, the United States international standard size of a nuclear bomb is 5-Megaton, or 385 Hiroshima bombs. The United States has placed 5-Megaton bombs all over the world in the countries and islands that are friendly with United States. 

Russia has 25-Megaton, 50-Megaton, and 100-Megaton bombs, or 1925, 3850, and 7700 Hiroshima bombs respectively.

Russia has nuclear bombs placed in countries all over the world that are friendly with Russia.

The older United States Trident II missile used, has eight W76 100 kiloton nuclear warheads. Therefore, the INWA Treaty available for countries to agree, should be quite acceptable for a maximum size 200 kiloton nuclear warhead. We need to reverse the "size race," to something agreed on as an acceptable "maximum size nuclear weapon" for war. (Of course we know that when the objective is "population," one nuclear bomb may not cover a large city, but will possibly spare mankind birth defects around the world).

It is currently believed that, if three large nuclear bombs were to be detonated on the same side of Earth, one of the results would be that the thrust from these blasts would act like giant rocket engines and throw the planet Earth into a larger elliptical orbit around the Sun. Mankind would experience significantly more severe winters when Earth travels further away from the Sun, and in summers the normal temperature could rise to 140 F, with concern that the temperature would be more uniform around Earth when closer to the Sun, with only the North and South Poles being slightly cooler.

If a nuclear war between countries occurs, multiple targets in the same enemy country would qualify for such localized thrust to redirect the Earth's orbital pattern, such as a series of nuclear blasts occurring on that side of Earth, like rockets are used to make adjustments of the position of an object in space.

So whether nuclear bombs go off at the same time on the same side of Earth, or a series of blasts on the same side of Earth, the Earth will move respectively, all at once or additionally, from the thrust to an altered orbit.

Little or no control of a nuclear exchange between countries will be able to be managed to prevent this global catastrophe of extreme temperature changes as a result of altering Earth's orbit by a direct cause of random thrust.

About Us and THE FUTURE

This is why the INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE has taken on this mission that no other organization has addressed, in order to acquire this agreement signed independently from all countries on Earth, whether they have nuclear weapons or not. These countries need to speak out, even if they do not have nuclear weapons, by signing this agreement declaring all nuclear weapons of a size greater than 1-megaton can not be used by one country against another, and are to be redirected for planetary defense of Earth and mankind. 

The founder of the INWA, Doctor Peter A. Levin, is a United States Citizen, however, he has the responsibility of not showing any partiality to any country including the United States in these contractual matters. Doctor Levin founded the INWA in order that the agreement signed by each country be analyzed for meaning and purpose, and the INWA states that the INWA reserves the sole right to the interpretation of this nuclear arms control contract.

Doctor Levin has chosen to locate the headquarters of the INWA in a country which agrees to act with non-partiality toward all countries in any matters, as soon as possible.

The INWA is almost entirely a Non-Profit Organization, which obtains its funds from annual membership fees from each country, public, private, and anonymous donations. A large amount of money collected for each country's annual membership fee will be saved to be used to help all countries in the world for the betterment of mankind
with their country's problems.

The objective of the INWA is to slow the nuclear war down so that countries can assess the damages they are doing and have caused to themselves from a retaliating country and the country they attacked, but also the damages to the world and mankind from a nuclear bomb'(s) radiation. Rather than having a severe nuclear war using large nuclear weapons between countries, that is so devastating, the original country's objectives being argued about that caused the nuclear weapons to be launched can not be accomplished because these countries have reduced each other to a condition of failure to survive in a very short period of time, as little as one to three days.

The typical first symptom of high nuclear gamma radiation exposure begins with bleeding in the mouth. What bodily discomforts follows and how fast they occur can be used as an indication of life expectancy, as opposed to nearly instant death or living a life of agony.

Let us all try to keep mankind from disappearing from Earth.


Picture of Sumiteru Taniguchi's face, head, back, and buttocks injuries. Picture taken in January 1946 by a U.S. Marine photographer.

Too graphic to view this blood red picture in color.