(for people and countries)

If there is a major thermonuclear war, it may be necessary to make a difficult decision to give the order to evacuate Earth. Few people will be able to leave.

For the remaining population of Earth, the nuclear radiation will continue to disperse until the global imbalance is corrected by equalizing around the world the nuclear radiation that caused it.

People will be stuffing newspaper inside their clothing to try to keep from dying from the nuclear radiation a few hours more, because any material blocks some radiation.

Please make an investment in the future of mankind by your donation that will be used by the INWA signing up countries with an international nuclear weapons treaties to stop using nuclear weapons on Earth for war between countries. The only cure for a large nuclear radiation release on Earth is your financial efforts, by a one time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual donations. The cure can only come before the end can begin.

For international donations from you, your business, organization, or government, if you want to donate vehicles, office space, office equipment, computer or telephone related equipment, or other items, or funds to be doposited for the INWA, please call the Director, Doctor Peter Andre Levin, (country code) + (202) 794-0618 in the United States.

For your country, (or another country),  to become a member of the INWA, as a civilian of your country, business, organization, or government, you may receive a document of the transaction of funds to be used for credit for the donation for taxes or other purposes. To make a monetary donation for your country to become a member, (or another country), you may make an anonymous donation if you want to, in which case the money will be placed into the INWA account listed as from an anonymous donor. Afterward, your wishes will be carried out for those funds anonymously, by the INWA giving, (or extending), INWA membership directly from the INWA, or if you choose to request payment for other specific expenses as you specified, by the INWA.

First, since the United States Government current policies on nuclear weapons treaties may differ with the INWA international policies, both parties may feel unfairly toward each other, the INWA viewed by the United States Government as opposition to their countries nuclear weapons policies, permanent and legitimate. Both Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America in the United States has closed all INWA accounts held by INWA. Hopefully, the United States will eventually become a member of the INWA International Treaty.

An international PayPal payment to the INWA can be made, or your deposit to a checking account for the INWA will require a joint checking account with the INWA Director to be used for deposit, into a bank in your country, and payment(s) may be made by a guaranteed financial instrument or electronic transfer to the INWA joint bank account you open within your country. For transaction information other than using PayPal, please contact the Director by telephone: (202) 794-0618 United States.

TAXES: All taxes in the country where a deposit is made to a joint checking account where opened related to that country's tax laws will be paid by the INWA Director, and all funds used from within that joint checking account taxes will be paid to import to and use funds in that country.

If funds are being deposited into a bank in your country for the INWA, if the INWA does not have INWA representation in your country, the INWA would be very interested in opening INWA offices in  your country.

Please go to the INWA website home page, and go to MEMBERSHIP FEES, where additional information can be found on membership fees, if you are joining the treaty.

For clarification and up to date information on making donations, please call, telephone numbers: (202) 794-0618 United States.

It's your turn to save lives and countries.

Donate regularly to maintain nuclear weapons peace.

Together we can save mankind from extinction.