To get these youtube videos to play:
1. Highlight the youtube video address you want
2. Right click the mouse
3. In the drop down box click Copy
4. Open a new Tab on the Internet Bar
5. Place the mouse pointer inside the address bar and right click the mouse
6. In the drop down box click on Paste
7. Press the Space Bar once
8. The Youtube Video will start to play (advertisements can be closed with red X)

1] Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean And it's Going To Get Worse  (MAP PACIFIC OCEAN RADIATION)

2] Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown COVERED UP! Radiation HIGHEST EVER RECORDED! 300 TONS into Pacific DAILY

3] Fukushima - is the pacific ocean really dying?

4] Experts Stunned To Find The Pacific Ocean Almost Empty Of Sea Life

5] Curious Dave does a Geiger test at Morro Bay 3-19-2016

6] The Pacific Ocean Almost Empty Of Sea Life

7] Fukushima Nuclear Waste On USA Beaches & In Seafood! (Update 2017)

8] Fukushima: Living with a Disaster

Pacific Ocean Dangerous Radiation
Japan To The West Coast Of United States

One - Third Of Sea Life DEAD! 2-6-17


This Is Your Warning!!!
This Was An Accident
No Nuclear War Can Be Tolerated