SUN AUGUST 12, 2002  TO CANADA: Agent 02, please telephone the Director at (202) 236-0176 United States. Also, verify your current email address with an email to the Director before the telephone call.

MON AUGUST 13, 2012  TO GLOBAL: Under the News Button on this website a news brief is posted concerning a recent change in the way the INWA handles international banking.

MON AUGUST 13, 2012  TO GLOBAL: The INWA has just created an international fund called "ICBM Childrens Fund." Go to the button on the home page ICBM CHILDRENS FUND and see what this childrens fund does, and more information about it.

MON AUGUST 20, 2012 TO GLOBAL: The INWA website was just finished from beginning to end on updates on August 20th 2012. The earliest version to include all updating to current regarding complete website changes made is: Aug 20 2012, 3:30 PM PST USA, Session 1  Version 1.93  Any version later to be released will contain additional information and changes.

TUE MAY 12, 2015 TO CANADA: Agent 02, please be advised the most direct number to reach the Director is now (202) 794-0618, and (202) 236-0176 has been disconnected.