This information is held by the INWA as private to countries account holders who conduct financial business with the INWA for membership and donations. All taxes by the laws of your country for deposit(s), and all taxes by the laws of the country for money transfer(s) to and the use of money in account(s) must be paid, with some possible exception of money deposited into a joint checking account with the INWA in a country which is not a member of the treaty with the United States for financial extradition of funds for funds violations, [Please refer to the United States "911 Rules and Regulations" about money laundering]. The INWA will not become involved in violations of International laws.

Please contact the Director of the INWA directly for the current information, by telephone: (202) 794-0618 United States, and (202) 465-4341 United States.

The United States is a country which is not a member of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Treaty and therefore the United States does not yet have a relationship with the INWA or the INWA banking with other countries governments. The United States is very active with extradition treaties for money in bank checking accounts in other countries, because the IRS branch of government in the United States wants to know how many countries in the world they can control for money that is never reported to the IRS in the United States, so the United States can influence how and where this money can be used.

The INWA is an international organization which must be impartial to all countries who become members of its treaties in enforcement of the treaty rules. The INWA does not report to the United States financially, or to any other country, except for taxation purposes. The INWA does not object to banking with countries for INWA treaty members, with countries which are not members to United States financial extradition treaties, which would permit money transactions outside of the United States would not have to be reported to United States, and where those funds could not be frozen and seized by the United States, if the INWA or INWA treaty members disagree with the United States, on the decision of the United States to use nuclear weapons in violation of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Treaty, against its members to the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Treaty: to include the INWA Full Treaty, and the INWA Basic Treaty / Emergency Treaty, and for the most important treaty, EARTH DEFENSE NUCLEAR WEAPONS TREATY.

Every year the United States extradition treaties with countries may change and current conditions with banking in countries need to be reviewed, BEFORE EACH FINANCIAL TRANSACTION. There are 46 countries the INWA finds without current financial extradition treaties with the United States, where your country's money would be safe, unless your country's government wishes to protect their money by banking in their own country with an account for use by the INWA. The INWA could approve the transfer of funds from your country's account to an INWA banking checking account, as funds are needed for expenses, if your country's bank funds will be available to the INWA for use, by not being reported to the United States and can not be frozen and confiscated due to an extradition treaty between the United States and your country, because of your choice in where you will be banking a joint checking account with the INWA.

For the INWA to agree on a decision for your country to set up banking, please contact  the Director of the INWA, at telephone numbers: (country code) + (202) 794-0618 United States, and (country code) + (202) 465-4341 United States.