INWA:  ICBM Children's Health Insurance Fund


THE PURPOSE OF THE INWA HEALTH INSURANCE FUND is to give medical assistance to children, (16 years old or younger), in the cost for treatment of injuries caused by direct exposure to a nuclear blast and still surviving the use of a nuclear bomb.

Those children who are eligible for the financial assistance from this children's fund are children who have been exposed to the harm and the effects of a nuclear blast and the radiation, of the immediate effects, medical coverage to be freely given to those children affected without consideration of other factors, of their being a child of any certain country, or which country they are from, which is involved in taking a certain side of a nuclear war.

Any child who is not an adult by INWA definition, (above), is considered to be under the care of parents or other adults or programs for children, the care of their country's government, and the cause and responsibility of the attacking country's government for the use of nuclear weapons, are eligible for financial assistance under this funds equity.

The INWA is responsible for the money it receives for this children's fund. The INWA deposits all money it receives for this fund by deposit to the INWA Children's Health Insurance Fund, into that separate bank account for money received for the INWA  INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE for its use to assist injured children, from that children's fund. At the time you make the choice from the selection of buttons on the donations page of the INWA website and select the children's fund donation button, the money transaction donated is directed by the the INWA website immediately and directly to the international PayPal business account set up specifically and only for the ICBM Children's Health Insurance Fund on deposit, accordingly to following your intentions of the donation to the ICBM Children's Health Insurance Fund.

In the event of such a disaster as a nuclear war, in all that calamity, what is needed to be eligible for financial assistance from this children's fund mostly will be needed:

  • An original birth certificate for proof of age.
  • Pictures taken of the injury(s) by a hospital's doctor with a color digital camera electronic pictures file, and any file of x-rays and any MRI's.
  • A hospital's doctor report of injury(s), and record of any doctor's treatment given, and needed.
  • A notarized affidavit statement signed and dated by the injured child, (or witness to the injuries and this document being true in the event the child is unconcious or unable to sign due to injuries), of what the injury(s) are and what they were caused by.
  • An address and telephone number of the hospital, the hospital's doctor seen, the local police, the injured child. And the parents, guardian(s) or the adult(s) responsible for the child.

These records, will first be reviewed by the INWA, and then payments for assistance with bills will be made related to injuries caused by being in the immediate area of the detonation of a nuclear weapon, injuries of children in the nuclear disaster.

A special set aside fund has been established by the INWA for children, (of the age of 21 years old and younger). In the event of a nuclear war, regardless of the name of the missiles that delivered nuclear weapons, children who are injured as a result from the use of nuclear weapons, care for these children will be provided from this fund, to children, in any country on Earth, to save the children of humanity, by providing for relief from pain, repair from injury, and rest. 

Currently there are no limitations or guidelines to the concern the INWA has taken to start this assistance.

Because of the real posibility of a nuclear war, if you or your government wish for any guidelines to be pre-established for rapid assistance of this fund, that information should be provided to the INWA for serious consideration.

Please use these telephone numbers to contact the INWA to arrange delivery of this information: (202) 794-0618 United States.

For your Donation(s) to help support this children's insurance fund, please donate by making a telephone call to the Director of the INWA's Childrens Health Insurance Fund to set up your donations, or one time donation, by calling the Director at (202) 794-0618. These children will be so thankful when they are in need.

The INWA Director