Membership Fees 

It is thought by the INWA that an appropriate monthly average value for membership would be $12,000 / month per country making the annual fee for membership $144,000 / year. This is due to the nuclear weapons danger in the world requiring the INWA to be careful and prepared for expenses.

Because the INWA is a non-profit organization, the INWA will be usually almost entirely supported financially by membership fees, and donations of money. However, if large donations are made, and there are few or no members, the Director would like to offer the first year free membership to the first three countries of membership, or it is possible, an additional three countries as new members, if money is pledged and substantially available in INWA funds of lesser amount.

If your country would like to become a member of the INWA and sign an INWA Treaty to avoid the currently uncontrollable nuclear war that is threatening to happen, or if your country would like to sponsor another country with a free one year membership by your country, or to have your funds anonymous, offered by the INWA for the first year free membership for their country, please contact the Director, Peter Andre Levin, by telephone at  country code + (202) 794-0618 United States.

If you do not have anything to do right now about your country's membership fees, but you have good wishes for the INWA , and your country would like to make an arrangement to quickly change your decision to become a member by obtaining contact, treaty registration, and fee payment information, or for funds or arrangements for another country's one year free membership, please call the director to make the arrangements at:  country code + (202) 794-0618 United States or (202) 465-4341 United States.

It is smart to be prepared for a Nuclear WeaponsTreaty with the INWA to protect your Citizens from a Nuclear War, by opening a checking account in your country for deposits to the INWA, so your are ready to join the INWA Treaty in the event your country is threatened or attacked with nuclear weapons.

In addition, the INWA is offering banking through well established banks in countries, where the United States in not active with their financial extradition treaties for money deposited into those countries banks, money for those accounts is never reported to IRS department of the United States, after all the United States can be not a party if not a member to these INWA transactions with your country, if this is your choice. SEE: Click on the topic in the left column, INWA BANKING.

Contact the INWA for a list, of the countries where their banks do not have financial extradition treaties with the United States, and get a recommendation for your country from the list.