September 24, 2018
October 2017 Russia parked nuclear submarine off coast of Alaska for two weeks. Their Firing Solution was: One nuclear weapons missile to prematurely set off Yellowstone Super Volcano to take out over half of the United States. A second missile to 25 miles north of L.A. on the San Adrian Fault Line to cause a major earth quake and drop off the entire West Coast of United States into the Pacific ocean. All that was left was a telephone call to launch. After that it takes 60 seconds to get missiles launched. Then it is just minutes to reach United States. Russia called off this attack.

A nuclear weapons attack by Russia against the United States, it would be ridiculous to make a small attack. In the proximity of several nuclear weapons detonated in your area, if you survived the immediate blast, less than 50% of the remaining people that found shelter in basements soon enough, would suffer from "radiation poisoning" until dead in approximately 29 days. Very few people in United States would still be alive past 29 days, approximately 4%. Those people would die within the next 2 weeks.

Close doesn't count when playing Horseshoes, but it counts when thermonuclear weapons are "nearly launched".

There are thousands of Russians living in major cities in the United States, just like people from other countries, and we all just get along with each other. Russians are actually likable people. The United States needs to extend this ability to get along with Russians to include within Russia.

Is this Treaty ready to present to the President? Send your ideas to stop nuclear war email:


This is an agreement between the United States and Russia that nuclear weapons can't be used by these two countries against each other, as so agreed to by the signature (below) of the President of the United States and the Premiere of Russia.

As part of this agreement, to make this agreement possible, the United States offers Russia the following humanitarian policy, in return for Russia having the same humanitarian policy in return:

1. Co-operation in non-interference in each other's form of government,

2. Co-operation, with improving each other's economic strength,

3. Co-operation, with help reducing each other's national debt,

4. Co-operation, with improving each other's educational system,

5. Co-operation, with joint operation of each other's national defense,

6. Co-operation, with improving each other's health care system,

7. Co-operating, with traveling between each other's country as normalized,

8. Co-operating, with elevating each other's country to equality in all respects.

9. Co-operating, in to co-existence of two countries acting as one.

It is hereby decided by the ruler of the United States and Russia that the decision
is in the best interest of both countries, and is hereby agreed to by the signatures following:

Signature of Donald Trump,
President of United States, and

Signature of Vladimir Putin,
Premiere of Russia

Dated: _________________________



July 16, 2018
     The Associated Press is saying North Korea agrees with everything President Trump is saying, except that North Korea has to disarm its nuclear weapons program.
     How might this affect North Korea's strike date of July 25th 2018?
     As you have seen reported in the Fox News, North Korea blew up to close the entrances to caves used for their nuclear weapons project preparations in an effort to show a compliance with a request by United States to stop their nuclear weapons program, howev...
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July 6, 2018


Can the United States survive a nuclear war for another 6 years?

There are countries trying to put the United States down now.

There has been a continuity of nuclear weapons policy in the United States by the previous 5 presidents and 5 vice presidents.

This policy of the United States has been not to make a first strike by launching first.

Director Levin of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Alliance has given them each an assignment of a man...

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June 12, 2018
    All of the Voting Panel voters were successfully contacted on their Twitter accounts yesterday with a message:

   "Please go to the Facebook posting today for You have selected as one of a group of 12 mandatory voters for voting for or against an international weapons treaty that is against the use of nuclear weapons on Earth for war between countries."

    Panel voters were notified there is a requirement  to view 6 Youtube videos before voting to qualify as a voter:

1. C...

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June 12, 2018
    Periodic rapid nuclear weapons tests against the continued existence of a race of people and all of humanity on Earth by using nuclear weapons has caused the Director of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Alliance to form a voting panel to vote on the matter of an international nuclear weapons treaty to be internationally in force to restrict all nuclear weapons for war be directed into an Earth Defense Program and no longer be used for war on Earth.

    The Director of the INWA has ch...
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US At Risk Of A 911 Attack Again?

May 31, 2017
May 31, 2017 FINISHED POSTING 10:05 AM  

 I felt very uncomfortable driving by the San Francisco Airport every time for a few months. Also in the beginning, frequently when I looked at the time every day I saw 2;11. Later every day I began to see 6:11. Eventually I became plagued with seeing 9:11 every day. Two days before the towers were hit in New York by airplanes, I was at work in the morning and i looked at my watch and I saw 9:11 AM. I told a co-employee that I thought third world countr...
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US Orders Fire Nukes At Russia Refused By Top US Commander On March 19, 2015

February 2, 2016
February 2, 2016

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Intelligence (SVR) for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that President Barack Obama's nuclear war communications commander has been arrested and relieved of her command after failing to transmit launch codes authorizing an atomic weapons first-strike attack upon the Federation in coordination with a similar "surprise" attack planned by the United Kingdom.

According to the SVR, US Navy Captain Heather E. C...
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INWA Changes Banking Rules

August 13, 2012
The INWA International Nuclear Weapons Treaty is used to prevent countries from being attacked with excessive use of nuclear weapons. The changes in the way the INWA does international banking, as described on our website is a result of the recent problems with banking in the United States, with Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America.

The reason why a checking account must be opened inside each country for the protection of their funds deposited for INWA use is, a country depositing f...

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Obama registering First for Re-election 2012

April 3, 2011
Obama, according to the KGO Radio, (antenna near Palo Alto California), 740 AM News April 2nd 2011 4 PM PST, NEWS: President Obama stated that he was going to register for re-election, first thing Monday morning, (April 4th), because he wanted to be the first person filing for the 2012 presidential campaign.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about Obama being or not being in office for his first term, because of the question, is he a US citizen, a requirement of the United States Const...
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November 27, 2010
Telephone:  Washington, D.C. U.S.  1 (202) 465-4341, or
San Francisco, CA. U.S.  1 (415) 738-6107
Director, Dr, Peter Andre Levin  1 (650) 771-1319 cell phone
E-mail to the Director: peter4444@sbcglobal,net
Mail:  Dr. Peter Andre Levin, Director, INWA, P.O. Box 5352, Redwood City, CA  U.S. 94063

TO: All countries under INWA Nuclear Weapons Treaty, and
      To all countries not yet under this treaty

[THANKSGIVING MESSAGE]               ...
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