Can the United States survive a nuclear war for another 6 years?

There are countries trying to put the United States down now.

There has been a continuity of nuclear weapons policy in the United States by the previous 5 presidents and 5 vice presidents.

This policy of the United States has been not to make a first strike by launching first.

Director Levin of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Alliance has given them each an assignment of a mandatory vote, to vote whether all nuclear weapons on Earth must be controlled by an international nuclear weapons treaty, such as the 2017 nuclear weapons treaty written by Director Levin of the INWA, preventing nuclear weapons from war between countries on Earth and placing all nuclear weapons into an Earth Defense System. With a vote from the Director of the INWA, to be submitted to the current President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence, who both will also get to vote as part of the panel, making a panel of Twelve.

The extinction of most marine life from nuclear radiation in the Pacific Ocean caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in Japan is a strong indication that one nuclear weapon can not be used, on Earth.

Failure of the five previous presidents and five previous vice presidents to respond to their Twitter Accounts receiving a message from Director Levin to their personal accounts seems to be a contradiction to their Oath to protect the United States, which they had individually decided before taking the Oath, and would continue after their term was served, at least in the capacity of an advisor, whhich is what the Director of the INWA asked of them, to Vote as a Panel.

The Votes were to be mailed in, and this morning none of the votes were received by mail to 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 911, Washington, D.C. 20006.

Not only in the Director Levin's opinion, but in your opinion, do you think avoiding this topic was a good idea, by all of the leaders of the United States Government since the 1980's? What name would you assign to them for their actions? What would you believe they would call themselves? Separatists?

Since the Director has not heard anything from any of the five previous presidents or vice presidents on their voting, the Director of the INWA will wait to hear from the current President Donald Trump and current Vice President Mike Pence, from the White House.

Dr. Peter A. Levin
Doctor of Criminal Justice
in Public Policy and Government Management
INWA International Nuclear Weapons Alliance