The INWA International Nuclear Weapons Treaty is used to prevent countries from being attacked with excessive use of nuclear weapons. The changes in the way the INWA does international banking, as described on our website is a result of the recent problems with banking in the United States, with Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America.

The reason why a checking account must be opened inside each country for the protection of their funds deposited for INWA use is, a country depositing funds for use in their own country will protect those funds of interest for them.

The INWA believes Wells Fargo Bank checking accounts in the United States has no safe form of banking, when money being deposited to a checking account is never deposited. The transaction of deposit from a depositor can never either become deposited to the checking account or be returned to the depositor. In this type of handling a deposit by Wells Fargo Bank, this bank claims no record of activity will be found of activity inside the account reported in the monthly statement sheet. In addition, Wells Fargo Bank in the United States claims outside of account transactions, and outside of bank transactions, where deposits are electronically sent, when deposits do not reach a checking account they are called floating transactions, which do not generate notices mailed to the account holder of these transactions. When a depositor reports to the checking account holder of Wells Fargo Bank in the United States that the funds were sent to the checking account and never received returned back, Wells Fargo Bank claims they rely on cameras and aural recordings inside the bank for bank transactions of what the bank employees talk about when they are handling money.

The INWA has decided this is a Wells Fargo Bank, USA banking failure to account for funds as to whether they are received, or returned.

INWA checking accounts with Bank of America, USA were closed without written notice of this action being taken. No notice of reason was given by Bank of America, USA and when the reason was requested during an in-bank visit by the Director of the INWA, Bank of America simply stated they had no reason to give.

Such banking activities by these two major banks in the United States indicate to the INWA Director it is not safe to bank in the United States, and to seek banks in countries where the financial transactions occur.

This is the reason why governments of countries depositing money into accounts for INWA use are now being directed to open checking accounts in their own country, so they can monitor and protect their deposits of their own countries funds.

From this information it could be viewed that the INWA might not be a favorite international organization of the United States Government.

I am happy to inform you, no deposits or money for the INWA belonging to countries were at risk at any time, however the INWA is currently about $10,000.00 in the red, and the INWA is accepting any amounts of money for donations for, our good cause. Whether you wish to make a small or large donation, please call these telephone numbers to make a donation: 

(202) 794-0618 AND 465-4341.

The Director