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TO: All countries under INWA Nuclear Weapons Treaty, and
      To all countries not yet under this treaty

[THANKSGIVING MESSAGE]                                                                     November 27, 2010

In the United States and other countries, guns became frequently used by civilians against each other, after enacting laws to collect guns from the public and enforcing these laws, there was failure to return power to the government and peace. What would make anyone think nuclear weapons are just a deterrent and will never be used?

Countries in our times that want to attack another country for protection, are ignoring the affect(s) of global nuclear radiation. They are trying to buy available nuclear weapons to attack other countries, and they will be trying to learn how to use them, and threatening to use them. Since the era of the use of nuclear weapons to threaten for peace is nearly over, we are entering a new era, the threat of use of nuclear weapons for war.

It is too late for your country to be undecided, neutral, or do nothing about this matter of global nuclear radiation in our global community. It is imperative that every country form an alliance through the new INWA nuclear weapons treaty, that your country take a position on the threat of active nuclear weapons, (not just to control nuclear weapons made unavailable for war by the reduction of nuclear weapons, as currently being proposed as a treaty to Russia by President Barack Obama of the United States in his Lame Duck Meetings).

It makes no difference, if your country plans to have nuclear weapons or not. Your country needs to participate and vote in deciding what the rules and regulations say for the new nuclear weapons treaty presented by the International Nuclear Weapons Alliance, to stop the nuclear weapons size race for "which country has the biggest nuclear weapons to wage war," and form an alliance of countries in a treaty which would immediately reduce the maximum size of a nuclear weapon a country can use against another country to 200 kilotons, (equal to 77 Hiroshima bombs), not 5 to 100 megaton nuclear weapons currently in use by United States and Russia. The INWA treaty would make all countries account for their large nuclear weapons, by restricting and placing all larger nuclear weapons than 200 kiloton into a program, restricting the use to a Earth Defense System. These larger than 200 kiloton nuclear weapons would be agreed, no longer permitted for war between countries. No country needs to deliver more than 77 Hiroshima bombs, as one bomb, to any one city on Earth. The INWA treaty is lenient in itself, to this much mass destruction of human life and property, and the amount of spread of nuclear radiation in our world from one nuclear weapon, just to get countries on our small planet out of the over sized multi-megaton nuclear weapons for war between countries.

The use of 200 kiloton maximum size nuclear weapons, will give mankind ongoing time to assess the damages of a nuclear war, when that happens again. Mankind will have more time to see the damages to the weather, and the temperature of our planet, and contamination of crops, and the global environment, and to those threats which will ultimately affect the existence of mankind on planet Earth. Hopefully man will stop this nuclear war in time, before the end of mankind's existence, because mankind's nuclear weapons are now that powerful, making the INWA treaty absolutely necessary, now.

Please go to the website INTNWA.ORG and read the written material presented under all the buttons. A new treaty and an emergency treaty are offered at the end of the materials under the "CONTRACT" button. Please bring this website to meeting in your country.

Please confirm that your country's government has received this information from the INWA on this urgent matter, by E-mail, or write a letter to the Director at our post office box address shown in our letterhead under "Mail." Also, please provide us with any concerns or inquiries you may have regarding any matters. Please notify us by E-mail or write a letter to us, stating when your country can begin participating in re-writing the INWA treaty, until the treaty is completely acceptable to your country, and a signing of the treaty can be accomplished. If you do not help form this treaty, the alternative, the alternative result is, the current maximum size nuclear weapon permitted for war, in use, stays the same, "one 100 Megaton nuclear bomb, currently available to be used, would destroy all life for 3,000 miles."
This size, single nuclear weapon, is a Russian continent killer, smaller than the T1, T2, and T3 planet killers, rules and regulations for their use are not discussed in this news article.

Build into the INWA treaty what you want for your country. This problem is not going to go away all by itself; the danger is getting bigger for nuclear war. The INWA may seem to loose some of its recognition in the world to create this treaty, caused by your country among all countries not participating in correspondence responding to the INWA treaty, making it look like the treaty is not desired, right now, and therefore the INWA itself might appear to the world as not so desirable. The INWA treaty is intended to include all countries, to have a voice in how another country can attack your country, so your country needs to make sure your country gets involved in making the rules and regulations for the INWA treaty, so the INWA treaty will state what you want it to say about your country being attacked with excessively large nuclear weapons. This treaty will need to be in force for your country. Your country needs to take time to examine the INWA treaty, and make contact with the INWA about it, stating exactly what your country has taken a position on, in the INWA treaty, as well as the US-Russian nuclear arms reduction treaty encompassed in the INWA treaty, by transferring a much larger amount of nuclear weapons restricted into a Global Defense System,than the Obama treaty offered Russia by just asking for a nuclear arms reduction, and not mentioning their size. The INWA Treaty is far more encompassing for no longer accessible nuclear weapons above 200 kiloton in size, as weapons for nuclear war one country against another. Both of these treaties need to be taken care of right now. The INWA wants to know your country wants a treaty for smaller nuclear weapons in the world, not just a nuclear weapons reduction program of some nuclear weapons, and that your country wants to work on re-writing the ruls and regulations that have been presented in the INWA treaty by the INWA, as a starting point of rules for your country to work from.

The International Nuclear Weapons Alliance is urgently waiting for your country to contact them.

Dr. Peter Andre Levin, Doctor of Business Administration in Public Policy and Government Management
The Director,