Obama, according to the KGO Radio, (antenna near Palo Alto California), 740 AM News April 2nd 2011 4 PM PST, NEWS: President Obama stated that he was going to register for re-election, first thing Monday morning, (April 4th), because he wanted to be the first person filing for the 2012 presidential campaign.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about Obama being or not being in office for his first term, because of the question, is he a US citizen, a requirement of the United States Constitution in order to be the supreme commander of the United States.

That is not the legal issue. The legal issue is that the FBI rejected his citizenship based on his birth certificate is a forgery. I thought the FBI was not just a reporting agency, but also an arresting agency for federal crimes. Was the FBI suppressed from doing anything about this? The FBI certainly did report it. As I recall, the government reported in the news, it was the cirtizen's fault for voting for Obama. So, that's how we know the government is guilty of something.

A separate issue, the FBI denied President Obama his security clearances to handle the GO-CODES to protect our country, for launching nuclear weapons, two weeks after President Obama was already in office. Obama's FBI Report came back, SECURITY CLEARANCES DENIED, based on former association with known criminals, receiving a large amount of money used for his presidential campaign known to be money obtained from illegal activities, and a forged birth certificate.
President Obama has these problems with the FBI, (all presidents are sent to the FBI by the government for a background check), and it would be unlikely that President Obama would meet the requirements to run for re-election, with a forged birth certificate, and it being known, Obama would not able to achieve the necessary security clearances to protect the United States as a president.

For proof of President Obama's forged birth certificate, on this website, go to the home page to INTERNET RESEARCH, and directly after the article on SPACE BOMBS, a few paragraphs are included with, just before the ATLAS EXCLUSIVE.

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