There is a responsibility to mankind's survival by all countries, for the possessing of nuclear materials, nuclear materials used in nuclear power plants for generating electricity, and the nuclear materials housed in many nuclear weapons in missile silos.

The United States, Russia, and China are the countries of largest responsibility, with the United States being first, and China being second, for the dangers that no one is certain to, with all the speculation about what will happen December 21, 2012, because of the geographic location to "the ring of fire" of these countries.

As just one example, according to the book "How To Survive 2012" by Patrick Geryl, ISBN-13: 978-1-931882-68-2, ISBN-10: 1-931882-68-1, records of mankind kept on every continent indicate this is the third time man has lived on this planet, almost extincted each time by a reoccurring event, which will happen again, where only a few will survive: the book states the influence of a gigantic solar energy "short" in the Sun will affect the Earth which is like a magnetic motor, reversing the magnetic poles of Earth during an energy burst from the Sun, causing the energy from the Sun to now spin the motor in the opposite direction. The book claims the Earth will stop spinning approximately 16,000 mph to a dead stop in 1-Hour before immediately returning to a rotational speed of the approximate speed of 16,000 mph in the opposite direction. So if you are familiar with stopping a car fast from driving the amount of force, and everything in the car goes flying off the seat, the book claims cracks in the earth which cause volcanoes will all be opened and volcanic lava will burst out from the molten core of Earth, and the deceleration/acceleration of Earth will cause the lava to race over the land of continents, and the oceans will have crashing waves. To begin to understand the dangers to mankind from nuclear materials, get this book and read it!

In the event that any of this could be true, it is appealed to these countries judgment, it can only be the responsible thing to do, to shut down all nuclear electric power generating plants and secure the nuclear materials as best as can be expected so that the nuclear materials are not broken open into the environment, and this should be done before the shut-down controls of these nuclear power plants are damaged to inoperable. Likewise, nuclear weapons need to have their nuclear bombs prevented from lava meltdown, and gigantic tidal wave distruction, from the release of these nuclear materials into the Earth's environment, additionally making it hard for mankind to survive.

It should be considered by all countries for the month of December 2012, all nuclear materials be placed in safe storage.

It is a misconception that Russia, United States, and China will go to nuclear war just because they can as a result of having a chance to overpower another country, with their nuclear weapons, therefore these countries can protect mankind:

1] When the United States found there was a faulty chip in ICBM Missiles, that could cause a launch to occur, the president of the United States ordered all ICBM Missiles to be placed on Hold until all of the chips could be replaced. When the president of the United States made the international announcement this would take two weeks before the ICBM Missiles could be brought back on-line, Russia did not attack the United States!
2] When the Twin Towers were attacked in New York on 911, the United States did not use a nuclear weapon against Iraq.

3] China continues to be a very profitable nation from supplying the United States with consumable goods, and investments in future very profitable activities in the United States. China is not going to send a nuclear bomb over to the United States and spread radiation all over, and destroy commerce with their country.

It is safe to protect mankind by removal of these nuclear materials into safe storage for the month of December 2012,by the United States, Russia, and China, and other countries.

Now is the time, when the Earth is overpowering mankind, for mankind to forget about "force" and resort to "diplomacy" to get the cooperation worldwide to prevent radioactive materials from breaking open from their containers and contaminating the Earth, preventing mankind's survival on continents.

The International Nuclear Weapons Alliance has formed this idea to better civilization. because no one knows for certain what will happen December 2012, according to historical records, the time will be the morning of December 21, 2012.

The INWA hopes to be the stabilizing organization for humanity, humanity whom needs one same purpose in life, before humanity can survive.

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