The Associated Press is saying North Korea agrees with everything President Trump is saying, except that North Korea has to disarm its nuclear weapons program.
     How might this affect North Korea's strike date of July 25th 2018?
     As you have seen reported in the Fox News, North Korea blew up to close the entrances to caves used for their nuclear weapons project preparations in an effort to show a compliance with a request by United States to stop their nuclear weapons program, however in several of the Fox News broadcasts showed Chinese mobile missile launchers "with missiles on them" which proves North Korea's statement that they will not have their delivery system ready to launch until July 25th 2018 to be false.
     The latest information in the Fox News is promising that President Trump was asked by North Korea to stop US Navy war practices with South Korea, and President Trump said he could do that, without consulting with his advisers, and he did.
     I am glad that I voted for Donald Trump for President.
     The problem here lies in that the nuclear weapon the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan during World War II were both approximately 14 kiloton, so approximately a total nuclear radiation was released from about 28 kilotons at 40% yield, since the United States did not know much about how to build a nuclear bomb that would be efficient.
     Today, all of the countries in the world have that ability to build nuclear weapons that are 97% efficient in releasing nuclear radiation.
     If you have seen pictures of the physical damage done by the Hiroshima Blast you would need to multiply that by two-and-a-half times to get to the physical damage done by a 14 kiloton nuclear bomb, however much greater damage if a 5-Megaton nuclear bomb is used by the United States, or a 25, 50, or 100-Megaton nuclear bomb is used by Russia
     The United States admits that for more than 50 years all the forms of cancer people are diagnosed to have in the United States is caused by the nuclear radiation released during War II.
     If one nuclear weapon is used in the world today, that would be more than enough to challenge the future existence of mankind on Earth. With certainty, a nuclear war would end mankind on Earth permanently.
     There are only seven safest places on Earth to flee to from nuclear radiation. From viewing topographical maps of Earth, you can see there are only seven completely circular mountain ranges on Earth. If you were to be inside one of these mountain ranges, the wind currents would be forced over the mountains, and very little of the radioactive dust would fall within the mountain range. Most of the radiation would just pass over you. However, due to the changing wind currents, radiation would reach everywhere on Earth, and because the wind will carry the radiation around the Earth over and over again, eventually in a short period of time, you would die.
     Even if you were in one of the best protected areas of Earth, inside a completely circular mountain range, you will in a short period of time become exposed to a large enough dose of accumulated nuclear radiation to cause death.
     This is why President Donald Trump must consider the need to add to the International Laws that the United States creates each year to add to the International Laws that already exist, an international nuclear weapons treaty, that would require that all nuclear weapons on Earth must be placed into an Earth Defense System and that they can no longer be used for war on Earth, one country against another. This would require that other types of weapons be used that do nnot place mankind at total risk.
     Such a treaty has already been written by Doctor Peter A. Levin, Director of the INWA INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE and this 2017 Treaty can be viewed on the INWA Website: INTNWA.ORG under the button "2017 EARTH DEFENSE NUCLEAR WEAPONS TREATY."
     This Treaty is very powerful and is far reaching because it claims without any membership to the Treaty, if a country uses a nuclear weapon against another country on Earth, due to placing mankind at risk of extinction permanently, this Treaty is brought into full force.
     This Treaty claims an international court hearing will be held where treaty members can have representatives attend however attendance is not required for a court ruling, where the penalty can include up to a nuclear weapons penalty with is a court penalty, and can not be considered part of any war.
     Such a penalty of equal size for a smaller attacking country could certainly be devastating to their country.
     If the United States wishes to be in the forefront of world control of nuclear weapons systems rather than Russia or China, then the United States would have to claim the foundation of such an international nuclear weapons treaty, because if Russia or China did it first, regardless what the other countries have done historically in the past that were good, all that would be mostly forgotten, by a country protecting the continued existence of mankind. 
      Sorry but this is all facts.