Periodic rapid nuclear weapons tests against the continued existence of a race of people and all of humanity on Earth by using nuclear weapons has caused the Director of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Alliance to form a voting panel to vote on the matter of an international nuclear weapons treaty to be internationally in force to restrict all nuclear weapons for war be directed into an Earth Defense Program and no longer be used for war on Earth.

    The Director of the INWA has chosen the following people to vote to represent their collective decisions for a majority decision as to if such a treaty is warranted or the risk to the extinction of mankind will be permitted to continue from the use of one nuclear weapon used.

    The panel will consist of 12 voters:
  1. Ronald Regan 40th President  (1981-1989)
  2. George Bush Vice President  (1981-1989)  
  3. George Bush 41st President  (1989-1993)
  4. Dan Quayle Vice President  ((1989-1993)
  4. Bill Clinton 42nd President  (1993-2001)
  5. Al Gore Vice President  (1993-2001)
  6. George W Bush 43rd President  (2001-2009)
  7. Dick Cheney Vice President  (2001-2009)
  8. Barack Obama 44th President  (2009-2017)
  9. Joe Biden Vice President  (2009-2017)
10. Donald Trump 45th President  (2017-    )
11. Mike Pence 48th Vice President  (2017-    )
12. Peter A. Levin Director of the INWA  (2010-2018)

    There are 12 votes.  George HW Bush gets two votes because he served in government as a vice president and then as a president.
    When the Director of the INWA has received all of the votes, the Director of the INWA will present all of the original voting documents to President Donald Trump as a recommendation for action.

    Nuclear weapons use to be in kilotons and inefficient 40% yield and thereforel low in destruction like Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. Now they are no longer  1 Megaton @ 97% yield tactical for the use of  the enemy or strategic for the use of everything in a city. The United States has built 5 Megaton to 14 Megaton 97% yield nuclear weapons and Russia has built 25, 50, and 100 Megaton nuclear bombs which Russia the builder classifies them as planet killers.

    The difference between  the Chernobal Disaster, plus the Fukushima Disaster, and a 5 Megaton nuclear bomb is so great, it is easy to see everyone on Earth would be eligable to perish  -  if a single 1-5 Megaton nuclear weapon is used.

    A nuclear exchange would kill mankind several times over on Earth.

    There are plenty of type conventional weapons to use that would take longer to settle differences but planet Earth would still be able to support life.