Obama's Start Treaty

Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, failed to get a signature on his proposed nuclear weapons treaty by Russia.

The purpose of the Obama Start Treaty would be an agreement between Russia and the United States to reduce nuclear weapons on both sides by 30%, but it would leave 70% of the 5 Megaton to 100 megaton bombs in use.

While this treaty seems to be a good idea, the 30% reduction of nuclear weapons could cause a nuclear war. Without the over abundance of nuclear weapons on both sides, Russia or the United States might believe a nuclear war plan could be won.

This is why Doctor Peter Andre Levin, the Director of the INWA, started to write a better nuclear weapons treaty, and constructed this INWA website.

It is obvious to the INWA that this nuclear weapons treaty still allows the use of Strategic Nuclear Weapons, (those weapons which destroy everything, (by one bomb), all life in its path for hundreds to thousands of miles), and by doing so, the slaughter of an entire civilian population of a nation, is not the way a war between countries should be fought. This is an act of erasing the cultural traditions of an entire people or country.

The INWA proposed nuclear weapons treaty would protect "you" if your country is attacked with nuclear weapons, by restricting the size of nuclear weapons to Tactical Nuclear Weapons, (those weapons which by skilled military tactics, would limit the destruction and loss of life to a 25-mile circle -- which is a much much larger area than the 1.6 to 2 miles damage of the Hiroshima Bomb dropped on Japan in World War II.

A nuclear weapon will cause severe structural damage, building shrapnel, and the same 5psi force of air pressure that destroyed buildings, will squash people to death like stepping on a bug. This is why the INWA wants to reduce the size of nuclear weapons in the world by INWA Treaty to a maximum size nuclear weapon for war between countries to 200 kiloton, approximately 12.5 times bigger than the Hiroshima Bomb, a nuclear weapon that would cover a 25-mile circle.

In order to maintain the objective of firing a nuclear weapon at soldiers and military hardware at the space they occupy, only, the less than 200 kiloton maximum size nuclear weapon, the missile that come directly to mind that is already manufactured is the Tomahawk missile. The Tomahawk SGM-109 was ready just after 2003 and carries one 200 kt W-80 nuclear device with a range of 690 miles and flies supersonic for attacking land targets. It's perfect. Instead of making a  missile that can travel half way around the world, requiring that it is justified the payload must be bigger nuclear weapons, why not put your shoes on and go out side to fight. Don't bring the fight inside the house, (our country). Do what we are doing now, move ships or aircraft to with 690 miles of the target. It is proven, the use of nuclear weapons is restricted to 200 kt.

In an all out nuclear war between Russia and the United States, if Russia launches first, one of the war plans the United States has is, if both countries fire nuclear weapons at each other, it is possible there won't be any survivors in the world, so the United States has studied the possibility of not returning fire to Russia, so that in the event that both Russia and the United States would loose the war in an exchange of nuclear weapons, if the United States did not return fire since they were history, in order that someone else could survive, there is a small possibility if the United States did not respond, it might be possible for some people in the world to survive, but not with all the nuclear radiation released into the atmosphere at both target countries from both countries.

Yes, the problem is way too big to deal with: A survey was done in the United States about a water dam that was feared was going to break and flood through the valley where there was a town. The people who lived three miles from the dam, in the valley, were very afraid, some moved away. The people that lived two miles from the dam were frightened and just tried to not think about it. The people who lived within one mile from the dam in the valley could not bear to think about it, and did nothing, and went on with their life as if there was no problem at all. If you don't want to think about this problem, we are all in serious peril, in this case humanity, and once we are gone, we will never be back. 

The added benefits of the the INWA Treaty is not just by reduced nuclear radiation in the world from fewer nuclear weapons available for use. You need to study the benefits by reading the Full Treaty under the FULL TREATY button on the home page.