In the year 1990, Doctor Peter A. Levin recorded geiger counter readings of nuclear background gamma radiation in the United States on the west coast of the United States from San Diego, California to Seattle, Washington. Doctor Levin was using the same model geiger counter that was used in the Chernobyl Disaster Cleanup. This geiger counter comes with a pamphlet of instructions.

The instruction pamphlet to this digital geiger counter stated it was constructed specifically for the Chernobyl Disaster Cleanup. The instructions stated at no time during exposure to gamma radiation inside the fault area were you to remain there if the background radiation reached or exceeded 1.2S on the Russian scale, and in that event you are to immediately evacuate the cleanup area and not to return.

Doctor Peter A. Levin found it to be true in 1990 that from San Diego, California to Redding, California the gamma radiation was 1.2S constantly. About 60 miles north of Redding, California the gamma radiation for the first time went below 1.2S to 1.1S.

Gamma radiation readings were taken from 60 miles north of Redding, California all the way to Seattle, Washington. All those readings taken were between 1.1S and 1.0S, barely tolerable to the safety of human life, according to the safety instructions that came with the geiger counter.

The presence of this level of gamma radiation on the west coast of United States is believed to be largely contributed to above ground nuclear weapons testing. Year after year these radiation levels do not measurably change.

The reason why above ground testing of nuclear weapons was banned was because the level of radiation released into the atmosphere which returned to earth was deemed unacceptable by the United States. The United States was one of the first countries to acknowledge the dangerous radiation to mankind from above ground nuclear weapons testing and to ask for a worldwide enforcement of a ban on further above ground nuclear weapons tests.

 We can not afford the luxury of an oversite or mistake of a high-megaton nuclear war between countries on Earth. Such an event could cause long term high gamma radiation all over the planet, spread by the wind, rain, construction building materials, and consumable food from radiation contaminated plants and animals.  

Nuclear radiation contamination of the air, water, and soil could seriously affect all of mankind's efforts to continue existence on Earth.


Anti-Nuke Rally.

"DANGER Radiation in City."


Radiation protest at Harrisburg in 1979, following the Three Mile Island Accident U.S.A.