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President of United States 2012

If Peter Levin is not on the ballot and that is your vote, don't change your vote.

Anyone wishing to work on the Levin for President campaign should call (202) 236-0176 United States or (650) 771-1319 United States.


Private and other campaign donations to run for President submit by calling the Director by Telephone: (202) 236-0176 United States or (650) 771-1319 United States. Good Luck To America.

More information about types of donations and ways to donate can be found on the Home Page under DONATIONS, and ICBM Childrens Fund. Joining the INWA  International Nuclear Weapons Treaty will require going to the MEMBERSHIP FEES button to submit membership fees and/or registering your countries signing of the treaty, usually both, except in a period of eminent danger of your country becoming involved in a nuclear weapons launch, the INWA recommends the Full Treaty or at least the Emergency Treaty be signed, in which case, the INWA reserves the right to consider your country a member of one of the INWA International Nuclear Weapons Treaties upon receipt of a signed treaty or payment of membership fees, the INWA may accept which ever occurs first to become a member of the treaty, in order to prevent extensive use of nuclear weapons without one of the INWA treaties being in force.

In an Emergency, of your country becoming involved in a nuclear launch, please telephone the Director of the INWA directly on one of his cellphones at (202) 236-0176 United States or (650) 771-1319 United States.

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The Director of the INWA, Doctor Peter Andre Levin, is running in the 2012 presidential election. Doctor Levin has a bold plan to set America back on it's feet:

I, Peter Andre Levin, "promise on my word," my agenda, to make America back into what everyone believed America would be, in a vision We had of the future America, for those citizens who fought for America, shed their blood, and died, to protect for their children, the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution, and the prosperity of American Citizens, as a way of life.


1] Correct America's national debt, reducing it by 12 Trillion Dollars, within the first term of my Presidency.

2] End the Iraq war.

3] Reset Social Security and Federal Health Care age and cost benefits for the elderly and sick back 11 years, to the year 2000.

4] A war for American Jobs. Government funding in rebuilding America's jobs, by federally funding restarting companies important to the US economy that have filed bankruptcy and closed, and put those companies back in business, and those employees re-employed to those companies, with federal funds.

5] Use government funds to reduce Citizens credit card debt.

6] Stop denying other countries drugs from America that are used to save their citizen's lives.

7] Russia and the United States will become more united, which will prevent war between Russia and the United States, and prevent China from entering a war that can not be won against Russia/US.

8] Neither Russia of America can financially afford to be primary enemies. Russia and the United States will no longer point multi-megaton nuclear weapons at each other. A new nuclear weapons treaty between Russia and the United States will be signed to limit nuclear weapons against each other to 200 kiloton in size.

9] A Federal overhaul of federal and state courts and prisons. Stop the presumptive court proceedings in violation of the federal constitution, that allows for courts and attorneys to agree to permit the use of short hand transcription before commencement of a trial, whereby the court reporter follows the courts guidelines to not report apealable errors in plea bargain arrangements at Arraignment. Prisoners who complain of a forced plea bargain without proof of what they allege, will be allowed to reset their sentence, conviction, plea bargain, and plea, resetting their charges to trial, if and when the prisoner chooses.

10] Anyone who is a United States Citizen will have the right to vote.

11] The current law counting votes that takes two Black votes to equal one white vote will be destroyed.

12] The financial accounting balance sheet for the expenses and income of the United States Government will be overhauled, to further reduce federal debt and interest on that debt.